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Proper using of
colours in marketing

Have you ever wondered if world-famous companies would be so successful if their corporate colors were different? Just imagine a black McDonald's or Facebook logo in red. Do you think these are trifles that don't matter? Studies show the opposite.
People who have conducted split testing of one-page sites understand how much means color for conversion. Up to the design of buttons with appeals. Colors evoke emotions and subconscious reactions. Ultimately, they also influence decision-making.

According to a study by Kissmetrics, color advertising is viewed 42% more often than black and white. A significant figure shows that ignoring the psychology of color in marketing campaigns is not the best solution. By knowing how to use colored elements correctly, you can greatly increase conversions at different stages of the funnel.
Digital-агенство, створення сайтів, налаштування реклами у Вінниці
White colour
Universal color, goes well with literally all other options. That is why it is almost always used in design. Most often – as a background.

Causes people to feel minimalism and purity. Therefore, it is often present in the advertising materials of brands that want to look fresh and modern.

White background helps to highlight important elements.

How to use white colour

Most often combined with other color options. Absolutely NOT suitable for design buttons with calls. This image does not attract attention and does not cause users a sense of importance.

It is well suited for registration of sites of realization of production. By making one-page sites mostly white, you can be sure that visitors' attention is focused on the right details.

Black colour
It is used not much less often than white. The reason – black elements stand out well on light backgrounds of any shade. Therefore, the text is often written in this color.

Gives elite sites. The packaging makes it clear that the product is expensive. This has been adopted by major global brands. When using a black background, it is important that every detail in the foreground is contrasting. Only then will you be able to focus on the right things.

How to use black colour

There is no data on the effectiveness of black CTA buttons, because they are used very rarely. On one-page sites, black brings good results if it is dominant. But it is important that the auxiliary colours were chosen correctly.

Red colour
Has a strong psychological effect on people, so it is widely used in promotion and advertising. It always dominates and captures the attention of visitors. Red can be used at the same time to evoke romantic and freedom-loving feelings, as well as – aggressive and even angry. These triggers make it a powerful tool for attracting attention. At the same time, it can emphasize the importance of a particular element. An example is the red carpet.

Scientists have determined that this color can affect people even physically. For example, affect the circulatory system, respiration rate or metabolism. Feelings are like hunger. That is why many food companies often use it.

How to use red colour

This is a good way to draw visitors' attention to some elements, but it should be implemented carefully, given the dominant properties. These should be small details - buttons, pointers, small banners and so on.

Blue colour
The most common on the Internet. Most sites are blue because it inspires confidence and peace of mind.
It is worth noting its versatility. Lighter and darker shades can be perceived differently. Often associated with the sky, so it can cause a feeling of freshness.

How to use blue colour

Ideal for financial organizations. The audience is much more loyal to them, if among the corporate colors is blue.

It is also used by brands whose products cannot be "touched". These are information products, software, consulting services and more.

Yellow colour
Arouses interest and different emotions, depending on the specific shades. Bright yellow tones create positive feelings. The reason – the association with summer, sun and heat.

But at the same time light shades can be warning. Mention some road signs.

Dark options create a feeling of richness and solidity. This includes the golden hue.

How to use yellow colour

Positive bright yellow shades are used by brands that want to convey energy and playfulness. A good example is Snapchat.

25 MAY / 2020
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